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We are all about books. We provide a refreshing take on the social platform for readers, writers, reviewers and bloggers with an integrated massive book library powered by Independent Bookstores. We believe in originality and in freedom to express who you truly are. No matter how odd of a mix you are, we don’t judge. Get to know other people interested in the same things as you and buy your favourite books from the bookstores you love without having to ever leave the app.

Get onboarded with us! upload your inventory for everyone to see, host events be a part of the community.

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Our Goal

The book community does not have a singular place to grow and flourish online. A huge portion of this is to be blamed on the new age online portals that just swooped in and displaced the bookstores disturbing the independent literary circles and the whole ecosystem of bookstores which was hurried and could not adapt to the sudden change. We answer this change. Books are important, books are a form of meaningful interaction in a way the online retailers can never understand, we celebrate them and to do them and the ones who read and write them justice we give the power back to the people in the community.

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We love books just like you. We believe people like you are important and we want you to join us on this journey to promote the book culture. You can contact us at the below.

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